Biography of Raffaella Usai painter

Raffaella Usai Pittrice
I was born in Cagliari in 1973, in the beautiful Sardinia island, a harsh land of strong flavours and emotions. Art enthusiast from a very young age, I would often stare at the sea horizon dreaming of capturing it for good. This is how I had my first contact with colors and canvases, while trying to capture the taste of those images to hang them on a wall.

In my life, I’ve lived in several European countries, which has taught me a lot: England, Germany,France, Spain and then became a professional traveller as an air stewardess for a well known Italian air lines company, though I would never give up my great passion.

The artistic maturation in Florence

Later in my life, in Tuscany I met the man who would become my husban. We got married and I moved to Florence, the county seat of Tuscany Region and the place of origin of the Italian Renaissance, the cradle of art and hotbed of great artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Giotto, Cimabue, Donatello, Michelangelo, Botticelli and many others. It is exactly in Florence that my artistic growth is taken to the next level.

The union with my husband Adriano Busà, founder of an international organization of martial arts, threw me into a new world, a strange and unusual world. Little by little I got into this peculiar world and became more and more enthusiastic not only about Japanese martial arts but also about the history of the ancient samurai. Thus I begun to paint martial artists, samurai, geishas, sports celebrities and more, and got important commissions both in Italy and abroad.

Specialization in realistic portraits

I’m specialized in realistic portraits and express my best in acrylics. On fine linen I represent faithfully every single stroke, highlight, shade, nuance, giving life to my paintings.

Every soft fold, every detail, the highlights bring my paintings to life. The obsession for perfection in all details proves my very special sensibility in the process, I merge with my technique to such an extent that I become one with the soul of the subject I paint.

This is how I manage to carve the white canvas with colors, exposing it with detail and emotions from reality, that very image, that moment, which will last forever.