The Seven Sisters Gallery

The Seven Sisters is a collection of female dancers telling themselves and their response to the challenges and conditionings of our times.
The core of representational art is the tension of their bodies merging with masks and backgrounds.
Dancing as a way to win through.

“The soul of a dancer” acrylic on linen cm. 115x140

Keep dancing lady of grace and sweetness. The times are grave and the air is heavy, yet it is not by deceiving or doing violence that you’ll make your way. You fought so hard and have muscles to jump high, you can almost fly.  Keep dancing and never give up and even the meanest one will bow at your grace spreading a perfume of rose around you.

"Resilience through the apocalypse" acrylic on canvas cm. 80x100

The poison is everywhere, yet you have a heart, you feel the music inside, you are blessed with great strength and nothing can constrain you.
One more leap, maybe your last leap to reach infinity where no one can do any harm to you.

“2023” acrylic on linen cm. 115x140

Hate is rising and all seems lost. The world is one step away from total disaster and the way out is eclypsed. Yet, a new sunset is being prepared and life will triumph once again.