Raffaella Usai works quotation

I’ve chosen to specialize in realistic portraits because it’s so gratifying to see the wonder in the clients’ eyes while looking at himself on the canvas as in a mirror.

Well, it’s not easy to evoke mood and emotions with colors and brushes. This requires a thorough, slow and patient work, which seems never to end. Than, it happens that while fully immersed in the subject and concentrated, at once I feel observed by the eyes I’ve painted, in that very moment I realize may portrait is done.

Do you like a quotation for your portrait?

If you’d like a quotation for a portrait, fill in the form at the contact link and attach the picture of the subject you wish me to paint and the size.

In addition to the painting you can also order an amazing handcarved frame made in Italy by Florentine handcarvers. Once I receive your inquiry, I will reply very soon with all details.